Demonstrate neo4j-core Ruby GEM API to Access Neo4j Database

This post demonstrates basic neo4j-core Ruby GEM API to access Neo4j database. Topics covered:

  • installing and configuring development server
  • starting and stopping development server
  • create API session
  • creating nodes and relationships using
    • Node.create and Relationship.create -methods
    • Session.query -method
      • using fixed Cypher query language strings
      • using Cypher query language strings with parameters



Introduce Simple ‘Specification Driven Development’ Demo and Point Out Improvements

This post introduces Simple “Specification Driven Development” Demo as a way to adapt Formal Methods to application development, also for existing applications. Benefits can be gained immediately in Test Management of System Tests, when using formal model to generate API traces, which are mapped as unit tests on existing application, and the aggregate result of individual unit tests interpreted as an execution of a “virtual” system test – easier to that managing the system test as single unit.

An analysis section identifies several less than optimal development architecture arrangement in the demo, and points out needs for improvements.


Specification Driven Development

This post argues that Application Management should use a design model, a representation describing aspects of a system that is not easily, or sufficiently, captured through implementation, in managing on-line openness in IT. The post introduces development architecture and specification driven process resulting to better systems, ease in system development management, ease in system test management, and generally allowing better control of IT development, and explains, how to keep design model and implementation in sync, and how scaling up of the approach is achieved.