Ethereum Meetup Helsinki Presentation 14th Dec 2016

This post contains slides for a presentation held on the 14th Dec 2016 in Ethererum Meetup Helsinki.


The presentation slides show some ideas on the future for sbuilder:

  1. sbuilder-ethereum in maintenance mode (=add solidity features based usage issues)
  2. sbuilder-ethereum in active mode (= implement comprehensive Solidity support in sbuilder-ethereum)
  3. build sbuilder towards Digital Business Ecosystem (DBE) tool (=benchmark, identify missing functionality in sbuilder, define DBE IT development process)
  4. build sbuilder towards hybrid block-chain QA tool (=extract “common” block-chain functionality to a separate GEM, add support for Hyperledger etc).

Sbuilder road map, presented in blog entry, should be revised to include analysis of these possibilities.


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